Total Evapes



  • • 24 single serve coffees per box

    Composed of the most prestigious South American and African Arabica’s, our French Roast offers a unique sensory experience by striking the ideal balance of intensity and creamy smoothness with a medium body, light acidity, strong and spicy yet pleasant flavor with some added zing from the dark brown glistening roast and a full bittersweet aroma. Tasting Notes: smoky, bold, spicy, complex.

    The bold flavour you crave...
    Barrie House single serve coffee capsules contain 13 grams of coffee per capsule. That is 3-4 grams more coffee per capsule than your average k-cup®. If you love bold, full flavoured coffee or want to get the best strength for a travel mug size, this coffee is just what you are looking for! Discover the entire lineup from Barrie House today.

    Recyclable Capsules
    • capsule is hot once brewed, please allow a minimum of two minutes to cool
    • carefully peel back the tab to separate top and bottom lids and remaining filter
    • recycle the capsules, lids and box wherever these recyclables are accepted.

    100% arabica coffee.

    • Keurig K-Cup Brewing Systems
    • Cuisinart SS-700c Single Serve Brewing System
    • Cuisinart SS-300 Single Serve Brewing System
    • Breville BKC600XL Single Serve Brewing System
    • RealCup RC400 Single Serve Brewing System