NIC STICKS TUBES - Nicotine Infused Toothpicks

Total Evapes & Coffee



Nic Sticks 3 MG 

Fire & Ice or Cool Mint 


A simple and discreet solution to Nicotine cravings.

No second hand emissions of any kind,  for the times you can't vape

How does it Work?

Nicotine is transmitted through absorption in the saliva and carried to the bloodstream through cell contact, sucking or slightly chewing on a NicSticks Toothpick will release the Nicotine. Affects should be felt within 10-15 minutes lasting up to 1 hour depending on the user.

How are they Made?

NicSticks are produced in our ISO lab facilities with a proprietary vacuum infusion process ensuring the entire fibre of the wood is exposed to nicotine and flavour. Infused with USP grade Nicotine in a carrier base of Propylene Glycol, distilled water and natural flavourings only. Canada's original Nicotine toothpicks.