Salt Nix - French Vanilla

Salt Nix



Salt Nix is a new line of e-liquid featuring nicotine salts, a new way of vaping nicotine, ideal for those looking for an experience closer to smoking.

Northern Tobacco is a straightforward flavour that features a Blonde Canadian Tobacco flavour and is the ideal all day vape for those looking for an aromatic and satisfying experience.

Salt Nix flavours are available in 20mg (or 2.0%) and 40mg (or 4.0%) of nicotine concentration, those high concentration of nicotine are intended for use with low wattage (7-12W), mouth-to-lung devices.

50 VG / 50 PG mix

French Vanilla is Salt Nix signature dessert flavour, this incredibly silky vanilla custard vape boasts rich and luxurious flavour in its balanced mix of sweet vanilla and creamy French custard.