Salt Nix - Neon Berries

Salt Nix



Salt Nix is a new line of e-liquid featuring nicotine salts, a new way of vaping nicotine, ideal for those looking for an experience closer to smoking.

Northern Tobacco is a straightforward flavour that features a Blonde Canadian Tobacco flavour and is the ideal all day vape for those looking for an aromatic and satisfying experience.

Salt Nix flavours are available in 20mg (or 2.0%) and 40mg (or 4.0%) of nicotine concentration, those high concentration of nicotine are intended for use with low wattage (7-12W), mouth-to-lung devices.

50 VG / 50 PG mix

Neon Berries a sweet vape packed with a blend of wild berries. A sweet berry inhale and a sharp blue raspberry exhale. It features notes from over six different kinds of berries to create a flawlessly balanced mix of sweet and tart.